Rodent Control & Removal

It's a challenging situation when your property is under the attack of a rodent. These nuisances will find any way possible into a shelter and cause countless hours of headaches until they are removed. Lucky for you, our experts have been trapping and removing rodents for the last 30 years.

Rodent Control in NJ

Does your property currently have a Rodent problem?

Anchor rodent control services involve processes removing or minimizing conditions that would be favorable for rodents to seek shelter and infest the space.  Our professional services mitigate rodent risk by sealing access points, trapping, or baiting the animals to prevent them from invading these potential spaces.  Our expert technicians originally survey the property for any areas of entry or identify any conditions that may favor rodent development.  At this point, our team wither removes any rodent invasion or eliminates any room for infestation.  Our team will continue to perform check back services over the next several weeks to ensure there are no further rodent issues.

Why do so many companies choose Anchor Pest Control?

"Just wanted to say thank you for the amazing service today from when I called your office until the tech arrived. Overall your company and everyone I dealt with was very professional and informative about my situation"

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